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      1. Views from the Top

        Cognitive Diversity for
        Better Outcomes

        "Diversity of thought is so critical to any business’ success because it leads to better outcomes... Innovation and ideas are the life blood of a company like State Street and group think is its enemy…The success of our business depends on us meeting these objectives and attracting and retaining the best and the brightest talent.

        -- Ron O' Hanley, President and CEO

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        Our Employees Matter

        About Inclusion and Diversity

        Our employees come from many backgrounds and have a wide variety of life experiences.

        By recognizing the value of different perspectives and encouraging employees to be their true selves, we’re working toward full organizational equality.

        Bigger Stage, Bigger Impact


        Fearless Girl* ignited a global conversation about the power of women in leadership and inspired companies around the world to add women to their boards. She will continue to make an impact at her new home outside the New York Stock Exchange.


        *Sculpture by Kristen Visbal, commissioned by State Street Global Advisors

        Listen. culture

        Inclusion vs. Invisibility

        Embracing diversity in the workplace goes beyond personal authenticity. Here’s why you shouldn’t “cover” your true self.

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        Partnerships and Recognition

        Taking Pride in Our Progress

        “Through our internal programs and industry partnerships, we’re committed to providing career development and networking opportunities for our employees. We’re honored to be recognized for our efforts to support inclusion, diversity and gender equity in the workplace.”

        -- Paul Francisco, Chief Diversity Officer

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        Employee Resource Groups

        Connecting Our Employees Around the World


        “We proudly support a wide range of employee resource groups that not only increase engagement, but also help us gauge progress on company-wide initiatives.”

        -- Ron O’Hanley, President and CEO, and Executive Sponsor, Black Professionals Group


        ESG Investing

        A Paradox of Priorities

        When it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, it’s not as simple as “put more green tech in, take more fossil fuels out.” Nuance and information matters, and striking a balance between priorities is key. So how can asset managers handle competing investment objectives?