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      1. Corporate Responsibility

        Better Outcomes for
        a Better World

        Companies around the world are doing more to tackle environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges. How do we measure up?

        FIND OUT

        Our Values

        Guiding Our Decisions

        The lasting relationships we build with our employees, clients, shareholders and communities are the foundation of our business. One way we keep these stakeholders at the heart of everything we do is through our commitment to corporate responsibility (CR). It’s infused across our corporate strategy and values, and is an important part of our way ahead.


        Wait Until Your
        Mother Gets Home


        Working moms across the globe continue to break stereotypes with their ability to balance family and career. In fact, their skills at multitasking, relationship building and stress management are something we could all take pointers from. How can more companies embrace a new generation of working moms so they can find success in both roles?

        *Pew Research 2018 Study

        WOMAN UP

        Inclusion & Diversity

        Many Perspectives,
        One Company

        Our global workforce represents a variety of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints — all of which enhance our business. We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment where every idea has merit and every employee feels valued.



        Smarter Teams, Better Ideas, Happier Users

        How can you provide a better client experience? Focus on the right problems and opportunities. Richard Berkman, a Partner in Financial Services at IBM Interactive Experience, develops the mental framework around design thinking.