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      1. Official Institutions
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        Investment Roadmap

        Agility Starts Here

        The investment climate is becoming more unpredictable. And official institutions are working harder to secure the returns they need. Our global survey of more than 100 official institutions* shows that “NIMBLE” organizations — distinguished by six measures of agility — are gaining a clear advantage.


        *State Street 2015 Official Institutions Survey

        Working With You

        Protecting the Wealth

        Making financial decisions that affect a nation’s wealth is a huge responsibility.

        We partner with central banks, sovereign wealth funds and other official institutions to help them address their biggest challenges.

        We give you analytical support to manage risks, no matter how complex your holdings. We work with you to find solid returns, even in a tough environment. We can support you across asset classes and markets providing global scale, but local insight and knowledge when you need it. And we’ve earned our clients’ trust with our emphasis on confidentiality and data security.

        Contact our official institutions solutions team to talk about how we can help your organization.

        GET IN TOUCH

        Ashby Monk
        Points of View

        "There’s a whole range of assets official institutions can invest in that most third-party managers cannot. This means they can diversify across asset classes in a way the private sector cannot."

        Dr. Ashby Monk

        Executive Director of the Global Projects Center, Stanford University, and Advisor at AIMCo

        More Industry Perspectives

        Inside Track

        From Volatility to Opportunity

        Amid market uncertainty, how can official institutions position themselves for long-term success? Jessica Donohue, our chief innovation officer at State Street Global Exchange, hones in on the approaches NIMBLE organizations can take in today’s volatile market.

        Get the Full Story