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      1. Growth Readiness

        Embracing a New Approach

        Bent on growth, asset owners are strategically scaling
        their investment and operating models, and underpinning
        them with the right talent and expertise to reach their full


        Working With You

        Seeking Value

        Providing beneficiaries with a steady income over a long period is tougher than ever. Underwhelming returns. Stubbornly low interest rates. A combination that demands a fresh approach to risk.

        We have the know-how and technology to keep you in control. And we know our way round all the markets that count — our network covers more than 100 of them. So you’ll have local insight on your side as well as the global view.

        Let us help you develop strategies, build portfolios and measure performance.

        Contact our asset owner solutions team to talk about how we can help your organization.

        Get in Touch

        Own Your Future

        Rising to the Risk Challenge

        26% of funds reports high confidence in the reliability and accuracy of their risk data.*

        Investors demand strong returns, but want minimum risk exposure. So what’s a pension fund to do? For starters, it’s all about finding the right balance. To help you solve the challenge, we’ve put together related research, commentary from your peers and more.


        *State Street 2016 Asset Owners Survey

        GX truView
        Investment Analytics

        The Data and Analytics Advantage

        Market uncertainty. Complex portfolios. Reporting requirements. You face a broad range of challenges. Using the integrated analytics of our truView? platform, we’ll help you face them head on and make better-informed decisions with your data.


        Executive Viewpoint

        Inside Scoop from Pension Fund Executives

        For leaders in the pension fund industry, the retirement challenge is all about owning their future. From boot camp for board members, to shifting investment strategies, to the battle for talent, 17 executives across the industry spoke to us about their approach.