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      1. Data and Analytics
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        ESG Solutions

        With a growing number of investors seeking to better understand the ESG characteristics of their portfolios and report them in a transparent and streamlined way to their stakeholders, State Street Global Exchange ?  can provide the analytics and reporting to do so. The ESGX? platform helps clients navigate the non-traditional, financial data landscape with this interactive portfolio decision support tool. Clients are able to view their portfolios through the lenses of industry-leading data sets and frameworks, allowing them to identify drivers aligned with their investment goals.

        Features include:

        • Carbon Footprint and carbon intensity analysis
        • Comparison Functionality across portfolios, allowing for benchmark analysis
        • Financial Metric Correlation, allowing clients to view ESG metrics against risk and return measures
        • Data Optionality, with access to leading ESG data providers including: TruValue Labs, IdealRatings, MSCI, S&PTrucost, Sustainalytics, and Arabesque, with future support for State Street Global Advisors' proprietary R-FactorTM
        • Standardized Reporting including ESG, Climate, and SASB reporting templates (see right)