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      1. Data and Analytics
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        Innovation and Advisory

        Interactive Tools

        Private Equity Index and Lab

        Turn to the GX Private Equity Index for an established source of private equity performance analysis. With our index, we offer a broad range of fund coverage going back more than 30 years.

        With our experience representing more than $2.4 trillion of investments and more than 2,500 funds,* we’ve designed our index based on directly-sourced limited partnership data. It provides accurate representation of private equity investment and performance in a variety of categories. So the information fits your needs — whether you’re an asset owner or asset manager.

        Key features of the index include:

        • Live anonymous readings from daily cash flows
        • No survivorship bias and value weightings that reflect true industry market risk
        • End-to-end internal rate of returns over multiple time periods
        • A suite of metrics to generate deep analysis of the private equity landscape                                              

        *As of March 31, 2016

        Learn more about our Private Equity Index and Lab



        Range of analytics designed to help you assess the ESG risk/return profile of your portfolio and explore potential holdings to meet your ESG-related objectives.

        Learn more about ESGX?


        The Bridge

        Summary of more than 2,000 published academic journal articles curated by our research staff and tagged using our technology and processes. Searchable and sortable by topic, with ability to receive personalized research recommendations. Facilitates the discovery, development and delivery of new investment ideas and models.