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      1. Investment Servicing
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        Investment Services and Support

        Information Delivery

        Whether at your desk or on the go, you need easy access to the latest news and information about your account.

        We deliver information to you with easy-to-use and feature-rich tools that improve productivity and enable better-decision making.

        All your investment information in one place

        Whatever your role or information need, our investor portal, my.statestreet.com, gives you desktop access to relevant information, and insight into your investment portfolio.

        With interactive tools, dashboards and a comprehensive report library, available in multiple languages, you can quickly understand what drives your results or dig into critical questions. You can also automate delivery of data to your email, desktop, mobile device or file server with powerful scheduling, customization and delivery options.

        Stay in touch when you’re on the go

        Available for tablets and smartphones, State Street Springboard? gives you an optimized mobile experience to access your entire investment portfolio at a glance, as well as key insights by our senior managers and industry experts. This includes risk-exposure analysis, net asset value summaries and fund flows.

        You can be comfortable your data, and your clients’ data, will remain secure. Whether at your desk or on the go, we take care to architect security deep into our online tools.

        A solution tailored to your role

        The right information at the right time can help you maintain oversight of your business, and the balance of risk and return. We offer role-based solutions that package information and tools based on the specific needs of the different roles within your organization.

        From executive decision makers and analysts, to support staff and operational personnel, our online tools are fast, easy to use and secure — enabling you to focus on your business.