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      1. Investment Servicing
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        Investment Services and Support

        Hedge Fund Services

        As you focus on risk-adjusted returns, creating new products to meet growing investor demands and meeting the obligations of the ever-changing regulatory landscape, you need a trusted hedge fund services partner to support you with the day-to-day management of your funds. Our online platforms provide you with transparency into daily deliverables via real-time dashboards and tailored reporting.

        We offer a comprehensive and dedicated hedge fund services that spans the entire investment process across a full spectrum of fund strategies, domiciles and structures.

        As a global service provider, our Hedge Fund Services team operates under a follow-the-sun model, providing you with full coverage of your middle-office, hedge fund accounting, investor servicing and regulatory reporting requirements regardless of the time zone where your investment management operations or investors are based. We also work to advocate for the specific needs of the alternatives community through our leadership roles in the industry, such as the Managed Funds Association (MFA), the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers (NAREIM), and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association.

        For both hedge funds and fund of hedge funds, our comprehensive range of services includes:

        Investment Services

        Outsourcing services

        Our middle-office solution spans the entire trade cycle from trade-date processing and confirmation to discrepancy reporting, trade settlement and collateral management.

        Fund accounting and fund administration

        Trained fund accountants deliver accurate calculations of your NAV and financial statement preparation.


        Integrated custody solutions tailored to the specific needs of hedge fund managers.

        Depositary/Trustee services

        We can act as your depositary, offering services across key markets, asset classes and fund types, including “depositary lite” services.

        Data and Analytics

        Risk management

        We offer comprehensive tools that integrate data and provide analytics to meet your various reporting requirements. Our proprietary risk engine calculates security-level exposure, risk decomposition, performance, liquidity and stress testing analytics using a historic revaluation model.

        Investment Research and Trading

        Enhanced custody

        Using our Global Enhanced Custody product, you can borrow and finance securities directly from State Street within a segregated custody account. As a complement to your prime brokerage relationships, our solution provides a new channel for financing while giving you greater visibility into and control over your assets.

        Foreign exchange services

        Through State Street Global Markets (SSGM), we are an active dealer, or market-maker, in the foreign exchange (FX) markets. As a custodian, we facilitate the processing and settlement of FX transactions at the discretion of our custody clients or their independent investment managers.

        Principal FX services

        As a principal dealer in the FX market, SSGM offers two primary methods to execute FX transactions on a principal basis: direct FX services and indirect FX services.

        Agency FX services

        SSGM offers agency-based FX trading solutions to investment managers (including internal and third-party investment managers of State Street’s custody clients) who want to outsource certain FX execution requirements.