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      1. Investment Servicing
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        Investment Services and Support

        Global Custody Services

        In every market where you invest, you need to understand how risks, regulation and operating issues impact the custody of your assets.

        State Street’s global custody services team works to shape a solution around your specific challenges and requirements. Our solutions combine the services that best meet your needs with the tools to help you improve efficiency and transparency

        Our integrated investment custody offering includes:

        Transaction processing and settlement

        With real-time messaging, your cash and securities instructions will flow through us to the appropriate payment system, agent bank, subcustodian or depository.


        Asset safekeeping procedures are enhanced by our deep relationships with subcustodians and agent banks, local depositories and international securities depositories.

        Network management and information services

        We deliver timely market updates and intelligence supported by our engagement in key industry developments, directly and through trade groups. You receive this information electronically through our global market publications.

        Account opening services

        Through comprehensive market access processes, we facilitate the opening of cash and securities accounts in investment markets in accordance with local market practice.

        Corporate action services

        We combine market expertise and corporate action knowledge with extensive vendor, depository and subcustodian sources to provide you with the information and support needed to manage the end-to-end process.

        Income collection services

        Our contractual income offering gives you or your investment managers more predictable cash flows, so you can invest income immediately.

        Tax services

        You can access the tax information you need, including regulation monitoring, reclaim processing, exemptions, reductions at source, requests for residency certifications and capital gains tax filings.

        Proxy services

        Through our partnership with a leading service provider, proxy support is available to you in more than 100 markets.

        Real-time reporting

        Our client portal, my.statestreet.com, gives you current views of your investment custody transactions, including trade status, asset positions, cash forecasting, intraday cash reporting, and daily and monthly priced holdings.

        Cash management services

        We offer active and passive investment options to manage your cash, including transaction and call accounts, automated sweep capabilities, repurchase agreements, treasury securities and time deposits.

        All of these services are available on our consolidated platform, so you benefit from consolidated reporting and economies of scale. Wherever you’re based, we have global custody client service teams to support you and your investment managers.