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      1. Investment, Research and Trading
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        Portfolio Solutions

        Global Trading Platform

        Cash & Derivative Markets

        As technology and trading options evolve and grow more complex, you can rely on State Street to be a strong and trusted global trading partner focused on helping you mitigate risk and minimize cost. Our expertise and neutrality provide you with full anonymity and help you maximize your liquidity reach.

        Agency-Based Broker

        Our agency execution model means we're not operating a proprietary trading book like other global brokers. Our team of investment trading professionals in Boston, New York, Sydney, and Toronto provide 24-hour service, throughout the global trading week, focused on facilitating your liquidity needs.

        Our global trading platform is designed to intelligently access multi-venue liquidity, through the use of pre-trade optimization tools, algorithmic trading strategies and advanced smart order routing. With access to more than 50 strategies, we combine internal and external solutions with back-tested indicators from market observables, real-time liquidity analysis and intraday signals to help you capture performance.

        Whether you need low-touch solutions, such as crossing1 and algorithmic execution, or the comfort of dealing with our traders in a high-touch model, we offer execution approaches that fit your business.

        Multi-Asset Execution Services

        When you use our global coverage for seamless electronic execution, you’ll also benefit from our post-trade management and straight-through processing efficiency — in and out of your custody accounts held by us or a third party (based on your contract).

        Commission Sharing Arrangements (CSA) Aggregation2

        You can execute through our CSA program, aggregating multiple CSA broker research commission funds through one account while setting aside a portion of the commission to fulfill eligible third-party research obligations.

        Commission Recapture Program for Asset Owners and Asset Managers

        With our commission recapture program, asset owners can reduce trading costs and improve cash flow by returning some trading commissions to the underlying fund or asset owner.

        Our Commission Recapture program:

        • Has no volume requirements
        • Enables you to direct the appropriate numbers for your fund or plan
        • Taps an extensive network of global correspondence brokers for commission sharing

        ETF Execution Services3

        We have an “Authorized Participant” (AP) relationship with many ETF sponsors, and can act in the primary market directly with the sponsor to create and redeem shares.

        Corporate Trading and Management Services3

        For corporations looking to increase efficiency with expert execution, we offer:

        Company Stock Trading
        Use us as a broker or to lead the pool of brokers performing share buyback trading

        Corporate Stock Repurchase
        Let us manage your company stock plan transactions, tapping into our trading expertise within ERISA guidelines
        Subject to the 28(e) safe harbour.
        Offerings are currently available in the US only.

        For institutional customers only.