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      1. Investment, Research and Trading
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        FX Solutions

        Foreign Exchange

        Whatever your foreign exchange (FX) needs, we have the research, technology and experience to help you meet them.

        Flexible direct, indirect and outsourced solutions

        You can choose from a range of options to execute your FX transactions:

        • Direct – contact our sales traders directly for principal execution services, choosing the time and negotiating rates for your FX transactions, or trade electronically on one of the many available platforms
        • Indirect – we offer additional ways to execute principal FX transactions if you also custody your assets with State Street
        • Outsourced — our agency foreign exchange services let you outsource your FX execution needs


        Using State Street’s foreign exchange services, you can take advantage of a full range of currency products, including spot FX, forwards, options and non-deliverable forwards.

        However you choose to work with us, our sales and trading teams will bring you global account coverage, market knowledge, order handling and market-making in a broad range of currencies.

        Take advantage of our research

        To help optimize your investments across markets and asset classes, take advantage of insights from our macro strategy team and the leading academics at State Street Associates.