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      1. Investment, Research and Trading
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        FX Solutions

        Algorithmic Trading

        Ready for greater control over your order executions? State Street’s FX algorithms allow you to take greater control over the execution of your orders utilizing liquidity sourced from multiple providers in the FX market alongside our own liquidity.

        Your order is flexible — depending on the algorithm, you can select parameters such as speed, timing and style of trading. Our single dealer platform, VectorFX?, can be configured to display your executions as they occur, giving you the ability to adjust trading parameters in real-time.

        Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP)

        Our TWAP algo allows you to establish parameters to slice your order evenly across a time horizon using a specified slice size or slice interval.

        Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP)

        Our VWAP algo allows you to slice your order based on historical volume curve data or State Street’s proprietary dynamic volume forecast model data.


        Aims to trade in alignment with the market and can be used to capture spread and price improvement when the market is moving in your direction.

        Interest Match Feature

        Our Interest Match feature, if supported and enabled for an algorithm, allows you to leverage our strength in Real Money market share from our market making franchise, potentially lowering market impact and reducing signaling on external trading venues.

        For more information on our algorithms, please contact your sales trading relationship manager for the State Street VectorFX Algorithm User Guide and the State Street Bank and Trust Company Foreign Exchange Trading Algorithms Material Risk Disclosure.

        Use of our algos is subject to State Street’s eFX terms and conditions. Click here to read the terms and conditions.