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      1. GX Thought Leadership Team

        William Kinlaw

        Senior Managing Director, Head of State Street Associates

        Will oversees State Street Associates, the research arm of State Street’s capital markets and analytics divisions and its academic affiliate. His published research has focused on practical issues of risk measurement, asset allocation, hedging and private markets. In 2017, Will co-authored “A Practitioner’s Guide to Asset Allocation,” with colleagues David Turkington and Mark Kritzman. Will serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Portfolio Management and the Journal of Investment Management conference series. He joined State Street in 2002.

        David Turkington

        Senior Managing Director, Head of Portfolio & Risk Research

        David is senior vice president and head of portfolio and risk research at State Street Associates. His team is responsible for research and advisory spanning asset allocation, risk management and quantitative investment strategy. David is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, has published research articles in a range of journals, and led the development of State Street’s systemic risk and turbulence indicators. He is also co-author of the book A Practitioner’s Guide to Asset Allocation. His research has received the 2013 Peter L. Bernstein Award, four Bernstein-Fabozzi/Jacobs-Levy Outstanding Article Awards, and the 2010 Graham and Dodd Scroll Award. David graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a BA in mathematics and quantitative economics, and he holds the CFA designation.

        Rajeev Bhargava

        Managing Director, Head of Investor Behavior Research

        Rajeev Bhargava is a Managing Director and Head of the Investor Behavior Research Team at State Street Associates, overseeing the development of indicators and applications across asset classes. Previously, Rajeev held a position as a currency strategist at State Street and has tenured at various financial institutions including Fidelity Investments and Lehman Brothers, London. Rajeev holds a bachelor of science in mathematics from Kings College, London, and two masters degrees from the London School of Economics.

        Alex Cheema-Fox

        Managing Director, Investor Behavior Research

        Alex Cheema-Fox leads multi-asset research in the Quantitative Markets Research group at State Street Associates (SSA), focusing on investor behavior. Since joining SSA in late 2008, Alex has contributed to the construction and application of behavioral measures spanning the fixed-income, equity, factor, and foreign exchange spaces. He has presented this research globally at numerous conferences. Prior to joining SSA, he worked at the RIS Consulting Group, where he built and applied quantitative risk models for customized structured products, serving a variety of institutional clients including asset owners and asset managers. Alex holds a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, a Master's degree in quantitative finance, a Master's degree in computer science, the FRM certification, and the CFA charter.

        Megan Czasonis

        Managing Director, Portfolio & Risk Research

        Megan Czasonis is a Managing Director for the Portfolio and Risk Research team at State Street Associates (SSA). The Portfolio and Risk Research team collaborates with academic partners to develop and implement new research on asset allocation, risk management, and investment strategy. The team delivers this research to institutional investors through investable indices, customized advisory projects and indicators.

        Megan collaborates regularly with several of SSA’s academic partners on key research areas including high-frequency inflation (PriceStats), risk management, and portfolio construction. Megan works closely with institutional investors to develop customized solutions based on this research and is a frequent presenter.