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      1. State Street Associates
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        Focusing on the Latest Trends

        Living in a (Crowded) Bubble

        A bubble can only grow so big before it pops. While investors can benefit from an economic bubble, it’s important to locate a bubble in the early stages and identify crucial exit points before the selloff erodes all profits.

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        From Data Analysis to Investment Insights

        We're Forging New Paths

        State Street Global Exchange empowers investors to uncover alpha opportunities, manage risk and formulate strategies. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts—a global center for technology and innovation—our award-winning research arm, State Street Associates?, combines differentiated datasets with innovative thinking from some of the foremost academic institutions in the world.

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        From Surveys to Big Data

        Megan Czasonis, Managing Director for the Portfolio and Risk Research team at State Street Associates, discusses the impact of big data on the financial services industry and how we can capitalize on the benefits.