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      1. State Street University

        Resources for Growth

        At State Street, you’ll have the resources you need to develop your career. By investing in our employees at every level, we’re investing in the future of our business.

        With State Street University (SSU), you’ll have access to a host of career development options. Whether you’re looking to build technical expertise, business and communications skills, or leadership training, with SSU you’ll find a wide variety of courses, tools and resources.

        Custom Learning Opportunities

        Our programs, offered throughout our locations, are designed for all learners through a mix of online- and classroom-based learning. We’re always enhancing our courses to keep up with regulatory and industry change, so you have the tools you need to help our clients navigate an increasingly complex environment.

        SSU delivers the highest-quality development opportunities, with programs that cover:

        • Leadership and Management Development
        • Negotiation Skills
        • Presentation Skills
        • Professional Development
        • Coaching and Mentoring
        • Job Rotation
        • Career Planning
        • Internships
        • Business Development
        • Products and Solutions
        • Markets
        • Regulatory Insights

        SSU helps all of our employees take advantage of the learning resources available, so you can create tailored plans that help shape your growth and career.